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Surfing conjures up golden beaches, clear blue skies and glassy waves. Coupled with the independent spirit of its participants the sport has become the hallmark of the Australian way of life.

The thrill of riding a wave is one of the most exhilarating experiences in any sport whether it be with your body or with a board.

Surprisingly, most people learn surf awareness and surfing without recourse to any classes or instruction. Too often it is assumed that people "just know" all about surf safety or surfing because they either live at the beach or spend their holidays at a beach.

Unfortunately this is untrue. Just because a child can hit a tennis ball do we assume they can play a game of tennis or if a child knows the workings of a car is it assumed that he can drive one?

Learning about the surf without proper instruction is not only hard but extremely dangerous. A surf beach can be a fun place but at the same time can be a nightmare for those people who are unprepared, uniformed and unaware of the dangers that exist or can suddenly develop.

Sandra English Surf Coaching offers programs to educate and prepare you for your surf experience.

The retention of just one safety hint may save a life.


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